Hack Day

Hack Day

One of the best things a new developer for themselves is set aside a hack day. I don’t mean a day where you try to hack people’s bank accounts. I’m talking about a day where you do a deep dive into something that interest them in the internet/technology space. Whether you’re looking into something you heard about, something that could streamline your work flow or just something you think might come in handy for a client or work project, benefits are huge. This has a few positives for you.

  1. You get to stretch the ol’ noodle and always be learning. The only way you’ll ever be irreverent and outdated is if you lose the fire for learning.
  2. Maybe something you tinkered with recently helped you with another work project, an interview question, a client issue or anything else you may have not thought about or realized in the past but now have the extra knowledge to solve.
  3. It helps you stay sharp with all the new micro-frameworks that get released into the wild every 48 hours.

If you don’t use it you lose it. Whether it’s a new skill, an old language or a bad habit, it’s very true.  You don’t need a huge chunk of time, just a few hours a couple day a week. You’ll notice the change quickly. Throw on some music and hack!

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