Intro to JavaScript

Intro to JavaScript

As a newer programmer, JavaScript hasn’t come easy. Which is unfortunate because it is so vital for the development field these days. Luckily for me, there are some really great resources for learning today. There are also some ‘least best’ options too. One of my favorites is Khan Academy. It has some great topics for basics and is laid out pretty well. The videos can be a little cheesy though. Another is Codecademy. This one is similar, minus the videos. Which is nice because you don’t have to wait for the video to finish to start programming. You can go at your own speed. Last on the list of favorite online learning tools is Code School. This is only last because it’s $29/month. Which isn’t too bad but like programming itself, free is better. All three of these sites use the gameification angle. It’s fun to earn points, badges and unlock extra content. It bridges that gap from slow going to loving it.

I have also found the You Don’t Know JS series wonderful. It’s a Github repo with book files. They have done a great job of covering some JS topics like ES6, closures and async. Read em’.

There’s also some good kids options for getting the lil-ens’ started. For really little kids try Robot Turtles. It’s an awesome Kickstarter from a fellow programmer. If they’re a little older, check out CodeCombat. This algorithm based game is entertaining.

This post wasn’t really what I had hoped it would be. I was going for the story of my personal journey through learning JavaScript but that’s not what came out. It turned into a review of learning materials. I’ll have to revisit that another time. Maybe when I’m a JS master.

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