Learn Programming

Learn Programming

Let me start with programming is tough. No bones about it. You need to program (see what I did there) your brain to think in a different analytical way. That being said, once you do that, programming is everywhere. It’s just having a set of instructions that need to be followed in a certain order. Filling your taxes is like programming, working out can be like programming, beating a level in a game is like programming and cooking is definitely like programming. The hard part is knowing how the specific language you’re using needs to interpret those instructions; learning the quirks and pit falls.

A place that helped me to learn programming, which I would have never guessed, was my current non-programming job. As I have said before, I work for UPS, in the dispatch department. I create many different types of forms and data collection worksheets, usually in excel. Once I was finished with my latest creation, I realized I was programming. I was writing formulas with specific syntax with 3-4 levels deep of nesting. Huh.

For example:

=IF(AND('Trending Main'!K21="None",'Trending Main'!W21="None",NOT('Trending Main'!AA21="None")),T32,IF(AND('Trending Main'!K21="None",NOT('Trending Main'!W21="None"),NOT('Trending Main'!AA21="None")),SUM('Trending Main'!AA21-T32),IF('Trending Main'!AA21="None","None",SUM('Trending Main'!AA21-'Trending Main'!K21))))

Or with error testing:



=IF(COUNTIF('DMS Numbers!'!B:B, E86)=0,"None",IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP((MATCH(E86,'DMS Numbers!'!$B$7:$B$202,0)),'DMS Numbers!'!$A$7:$N$180,9)),"",VLOOKUP((MATCH(E86,'Paste DMS Numbers Here!'!$B$7:$B$202,0)),'DMS Numbers Here!'!$A$7:$N$180,9)))

You never know where you’re gonna find programming until you have an open mind for it. Realizing this was something I had been doing the whole time gave me confidence in my programming learning ability, where as before I felt like I wasn’t making headway.

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