Podcast Community

Podcast Community

The days of coders pounding away at their keyboards in a dark room of a stuffy basement have past. It’s no longer a single player game. Most coders have a community to fall back on. A group of people, even a small one, which allows them to bounce ideas off or just to hear themselves out lout as a sounding board. For newer developers who aren’t employed yet, that support network can be slow to start. As I have said before, Meetups are a great resource.

Although you may have not met that group yet, you’re not as alone as you may think. I find myself in that position. I don’t know many developers outside of school and since then, we’ve all gone our own direction. But I still have a week full of developer conversations. ‘How is that possible’, you ask? Podcast. Being that the conversations are strictly one sided, it still gives me the ability to hear about new and changing technologies, approach a problem in a different direction that I might not have thought of or listen to opinions and thoughts about current developer issues.

It allows you to pick your topics selectively and be in complete control of what you wanna learn. After a while, you get to know the personalities like they’re people you know. Similarly perhaps to your favorite show. You can have a community without having a community. I don’t recommend solely using this resource forever, but it’s a good start. Just make sure it’s worth your time and take everything with a grain of salt.

Here are some of my go-tos that help me pass time:

Daily Tech News Show – for your daily tech news

The Changelog – for new and open source programming

Coding Blocks – for your .Net fix

Frontside Podcast – for general frontside stuff

JavaScript Jabber – for everything JS

Shop Talk Show – for CSS, HTML and design

Three Devs and a Maybe – for PHP

The Web Platform – for various web technologies

UX Podcast – for the coffee chat of UX design

The Big Web Show – for higher level discussions

The Web Ahead – for conversations with a cat lady designer, seriously

Adventures in Angular – for… Angular (from the same folks as Jabber)

Now, these are just the ones that I listen to from Stitcher. There are some really great ones that they don’t have but are available in iTunes or other podcatchers of choice.

The web was built to create a community where everyone can share their thoughts and ideas. Just because you’re shy on nerd friends, you don’t have to stay that way.

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