Work/Family/Life Balance


What I have learned from working for UPS, above all else, is that multi-tasking is a myth and priority reigns supreme. When I say multi-tasking is a myth, I mean that from experience and clinical study cases I have read. Think of your brain as a bowl 100% full of water. Every task you try to complete at the same time takes a percent. You can never effectively really do multiple tasks simultaneously. Case studies have proven this false many times. Just like the left brain/right brain theory. Also false.

Like in the agile, you should put the task with the most priority first. Even though I have a wife and kid, family is not always the top priority. And that’s ok. Sometimes it has to be work, to pay for the family. Or sometimes it’s just personal time so we can be a better person for the family. By doing other tasks instead of family first stuff, you can better provide/care/interact with family.

When you have a family, as Dave Rupert says “your bullshit meter is at zero”.

One of the best things about having kids, other than of course the kids, is that it allows you to weed out the other noise that is less important. It changes your view of the world and allows you to look at the bigger picture. Not just the now. Next time you wanna find the source of truth, ask yourself; does this matter now, today, tomorrow, this month, this year? Odds are if the answer is now, it doesn`t really matter at all.

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